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Melt metering pump frequency control method Notes

Batte professional melt metering pump manufacturer, with many years experience in research and development of metering pumps, to provide users with a complete set of melt measurement programs to meet the needs of users of personalized production. Butter metering pump manufacturers following specific analysis of metering pumps frequency control daily note.

When the melt valve in front of the melt metering pump valve (inlet valve) is opened, the melt pressure is high. The dosing pump rotates under the pressure of the melt pressure and drives the motor and the tachometer motor at the same time to make the tachometer motor output a false signal. When you press the start button on the scene, the inverter can not start, the display shows the speed motor feedback back from the glitch, while displaying fault information, and block the inverter pulse. To solve this problem, it is necessary to disconnect the speed signal transmission circuit before starting the frequency converter so that the frequency inverter can not receive the glitch signal. As a result, we cleverly made use of the on-site start button to string the remaining pair of normally closed contacts into the signal feedback loop of the tacho motor. In this way, when pressing the start button on site, the feedback loop can be disconnected, the frequency inverter starts normally, and the start button is released. After the loop is connected, the frequency inverter receives the normal speed feedback signal and enters the speed closed loop control state. Zhengzhou Bart multi-year melt metering pump manufacturer, has a better process of equipment processing, to ensure the provision of melt metering pumps with high performance, high standards.

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