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The role of plastic extrusion melt pump in polystyrene particle extrusion production line?

The plastic extrusion melt pump plays a crucial role in the polystyrene particle extrusion production line. Its main function is to stabilize and improve the production efficiency and product quality of the extrusion process. Firstly, the melt pump e

What is the application range of dual axis drive rubber gear pump?

The dual axis drive rubber gear pump, as an advanced fluid transmission equipment, plays a crucial role in multiple fields. Its unique design and excellent performance make it stand out in numerous application scenarios, becoming an indispensable par

Working temperature and pressure of high-temperature melt pump

The working temperature and pressure of a high-temperature melt pump mainly depend on its design and materials. The following is general information about the working temperature and pressure of high-temperature melt pumps: Working temperature: The w

Working principle of chemical fiber melt metering pump

The melt metering pump is a positive displacement conveying device, which mainly works by relying on the change in working volume caused by the meshing of the main and driven gears to transport the melt. The melt metering pump mainly consists of a pu

Installation and use of gear metering pump for hot melt glue machine

1. The pump packaging should be carefully opened and carefully inspected. If there is any damage or missing parts, please contact our company immediately. The hot melt glue gear pump is made of high-temperature alloy steel material, and all component

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