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Features of the Automatic Plastic Granulating Production Line and Function of the Adding Melt Pump

Features of automatic plastic granulation production line: 1. The main and auxiliary machines are used for supporting production, the heating temperature is stable, the molecular structure of materials is effectively improved, the permeability is enh

Precautions for daily use of melt pressure sensor of high-temperature melt pump?

The melt pressure sensor is the standard configuration of the high temperature melt pump, which is located at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump respectively. It is used to measure the melt pressure at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump to ensu

How to select the melt pump?

CC refers to the rotational displacement of the melt pump, that is, the displacement of the melt pump per revolution; The displacement of melt pumps is usually selected according to the production capacity of customers. Each series has different outp

Application and structure composition of melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials

Melt gear pump for thermoplastic materials is mainly used to process thermoplastic polymer melt with relatively low viscosity. It has been widely used at home and abroad and can be used in the extrusion molding of most material products. In particula

Advantages of melt gear pump in screw extrusion system

In the plastic extrusion system, before using the melt gear pump, try the insufficient materialization caused by the unstable transportation of the screw extruder; In the melting section, the softening point of the material is unstable or the solid b

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