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Melt strainer melt metering gear pump

The concept of filter pump system in Zhengzhou batte is a set of equipment system, which consists of a series of equipment units from the extruder to the die, which is mainly composed of filter functions, and integrates the functions of pressurization, steady flow and so on. It is equipped with suitable electrical control units such as temperature, pressure and speed regulation to make it a fully automated production system.

The film melt pump filter produced by Zhengzhou batte has now used pressure 45Mpa, internal diameter 500mm, no stranded dead angle, no leakage; the number of filter cores in the melt can be from 1 to 48, and the filter area is from 0.3m2 to 30m2; the melt pipe can be processed into various angles and gages according to the production site needs to meet the reasonable layout of the production line. The inner surface finish is Ra0.02, at the advanced level in China. In the heating mode, there are ordinary electric tiles (ceramic, cast aluminum) heating, jacket type medium heating, heating, electromagnetic heating and so on. Our company also provides various structural forms of filter core, sealing and discharging exhaust valves, and matching with filter equipment. The auxiliary equipment such as calcining, cleaning and preheating can be supplied separately and customized according to customer needs.

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