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Rule out method of gear pump

(1) add or replace the oil that meets the required grade to the specified oil level according to the season. Remove the foreign body in the tubing and tighten the bolts or nuts on the joint.

(2) replace worn or damaged skeleton oil seals or "O" shaped aprons;

(3) replace worn gear oil pumps or oil pump bushings. When worn slightly, the ends will be smoothed. Its unevenness allows error of 0.03mm; the end of the shaft sleeve is lower than the upper plane of the pump body (normal value is lower than 2.5~2.6mm), if the super difference should be added to the shaft sleeve with 0.1~0.2mm copper to compensate, the installation should be installed on the rear axle sleeve loading;

(4) the unloading piece and the sealing ring must be installed in the oil inlet cavity, and the two axle sleeve can be kept in balance. The sealing ring of the unloading sheet should have the prepressure of 0.5mm.

(5) the elastic force of the guide wire should be able to twist a small angle between the upper and the lower shaft sleeves at the rotation direction of the driven gear, so that the machining plane of the two shaft sleeves of the main and the driven gears is closely fitted.

(6) the unloading groove on the set must be installed on the side of the low pressure cavity to eliminate the harmful closed dead volume of the gear meshing; (7) before pressing into the self tight oil seal, a layer of lubricating oil should be coated on its surface, and the edge of the oil resistance should also be directed toward the front cover.

(8) the "right-hand" melt  pump can not be installed on the "left-wing" machine, otherwise it will destroy the skeleton oil seal.

(9) before placing the pump cover, a small amount of oil must be poured into the pump housing, and the mesh gear should be turned with the hand.

(10) before the oil pump cover is not tightened, the clearance between the pump cover and the pump body should be checked. If the gap is too small, the large seal ring and the pressure relief piece should be replaced. When the hydraulic oil pump is installed, it should be flexible and no hysteresis.

The batte gear pump is suitable for conveying non lubricity, corrosiveness, and sanitary conditions requiring high viscosity and high viscosity fluid without solid particles, fiber and other materials. The temperature of the medium is -20-80 C, and the viscosity is 5-5000cst. The power transmission gear and the fluid transmission gear are in different pump chambers. They are designed and manufactured according to their different functions. Therefore, the pump has higher reliability.

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