batte melt pump

Batte polymer extrusion pump

The melt pump is an ideal device for the following process:

Thin film profiles, wires, cables, tubes, pipes, chemical fibres, sheets and sheets, composite extrusion, nonwovens, coating, granulating, pelletizing, etc.

The Batte polymer extrusion pump processing materials include:

Polypropylene, hot melt adhesive, fluoropolymer, polysulfone, polyester, cellulose, PC|PUR|PEEK|HIPS|ABS|LLDPE|PS|PA|PVA|PVB|TPES|HDPE|PB|PET|SAN|PIB, etc.

The flow range of the melt extrusion pump is 0.16| 0.3| 0.6| 1.2| 1.8|3|5-|10|20|40|100|175|300|750 milliliter (standard type).

The working speed of the melt extrusion pump depends on the parameters of the production process.

Extruding pump body pressure: 690 kg wheel pressure drop of 276 kg

The temperature of the melt extrusion pump: 510 degrees

Batte melt pump advantages:

The polymer extrusion pump adopts a unique volume design, which can provide stable and accurate polymer delivery in the condition of constant pressure, temperature and viscosity. As the pressure is formed between the extruder and the die, PEP-II can provide even higher production capacity to provide a uniform molten material on the premise of more stringent tolerance requirements.

Batte melt pump provides a variety of capacity and model, which provides accurate, stable and reliable fluid measurement. It is almost applicable to all polymers used in the plastic industry, including polyester, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic fiber, cellulose, spandex and a lot of special fiber.

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