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How to switch and stop the centrifugal melt pump

When the centrifugal melt pump is switched, it should be done:

(1) before the start of the standby melt pump, a comprehensive inspection and preparation work should be done before starting.

(2) open the pump inlet valve, make the pump body full of medium, and vent the air with vent valve.

(3) start the motor, then check the vibration of each part and the temperature of the bearing, confirm the normal, the current is stable, the pressure of the pump body is higher than the normal operation pressure, and the outlet valve is gradually opened up. At the same time, the outlet valve of the pump being running is shut down until the end of the pump is shut and the pump is stopped.

Attention should be paid to the shutdown of a centrifugal melt pump.

(1) first close the outlet valve of the melt pump, then stop the pump to prevent the pump from reversing.

(2) stop the melt pump and notice the deceleration of the shaft. For example, if the time is too short, check whether the pump is grinded or stuck.

(3) if the hot oil pump is stopped, wash oil or seal oil again, and open the balance or connected valve of the imported pipeline, so as to prevent the import and export pipeline from cracking.

(4) if the melt pump needs to be repaired and the inlet valve is closed, it is necessary to decide whether to blow and remove the pressure according to the repair project, such as the pressure in the pump, which may be the import and export valve.

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