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How to solve the problem that the outlet temperature of the melt pump is too high

The high temperature of the outlet of the melt pump is extremely unfavorable to the production process. So what are the reasons for the high temperature rise of the melt pump?

The main faults of melt pump are:

1. pump does not turn

2. leakage material

3. the temperature rise is too high.

4. the pump has a sound.

5. pressure instability

6. bubbles

7. there are black spots, etc.

The specific analysis of melt pump is as follows:

Pump does not turn:

1. axle and axle sleeve locking

Solution: disintegration, return to factory, maintenance

2. temperature did not arrive.

Heating to melting temperature and holding for a period of time.

3. torque is not enough.

Replace the large motor and increase the reduction ratio.


1. leakage at seal

Through cooling water or air

Replace packing and replace seal.

2. cover plate leakage

After heating, screw is tightened once.

Cover plate and pump body are coated with sealant at high temperature.

From the new grinding plane

The temperature is too high:

1. the thermocouple is bad, the heating tube is bad, the meter is bad.

Recommend replacement

2. the structure of the pump is defective.

3. finish is not enough.

4. material viscosity is too high.

5. add cooling, forced cooling, cold air and cold water.

6. replacing straight teeth with helical teeth.

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