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Analysis of pressure characteristics of melt gear pump

As a professional melt pump manufacturer in China, Zhengzhou Bart melt pump manufacturer provides a new generation of melt gear pump, including: dual drive melt pump, enhanced melt pump, high temperature and high pressure melt pump. This article specifically analyzes the characteristics of melt pump pressure.

Pressure requirement of melt gear pump: the pressure stabilization of melt gear pump depends on the critical inlet pressure; under normal conditions, the gear pump has good self-priming effect, there is no severe demand for inlet pressure. When the inlet pressure of the melt pump is too low, because the melt does not have enough time to fill the rotating tooth valley, the resulting negative pressure will significantly affect the pump volume efficiency and stabilization effect, and produce cavitation phenomenon, increase the wear of the gear pump, reduce the service life of the equipment. Usually, when the screw speed and pump speed are fixed, the feeding quantity is controlled to reduce the inlet pressure, and the outlet pressure is not affected in a certain range. When the inlet pressure is lower than the value indicated by the vertical line position (about 41/min), the outlet pressure changes obviously, and the melt gear pump loses its stabilizing effect. At this time, the inlet pressure is the critical inlet pressure of the gear pump. Below this value, other process conditions should be considered, such as lowering the speed of the pump, to ensure the operation of the pump.

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