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Main application range of diaphragm metering pump

The main application scope of diaphragm metering pump is as follows:

1. all kinds of highly toxic, flammable and volatile liquids;

2. high temperature medium can be conveyed at 150 C.

3. strong acids, strong alkali and strong corrosive liquids.

4. as a front pressure feeder for all kinds of filter presses;

5. hot water recovery and circulation; all kinds of Chinese slurry cement grouting mortar slurry;

6. metering pump pickles, mashed potatoes, chocolate and so on.

7. metering pump suction paint, gum, pigment binder;

8. loading and unloading of oil tankers, oil depots and oil products;

9. all kinds of rubber latex, organic solvents and fillers.

10. hops and fermented flour slurry, syrup, sugar dense;

11. use the metering pump to clean up the waste water and residual oil in the warehouse for the tanker barge.

12. metering pump suction sewage, sediment in mine, tunnel, tunnel and sewer;

13. suction and delivery of all kinds of special media.

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