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Electrostatic technology of polymer melt pump melt blowing

  Melt injection of polymer melt pump is a kind of technology to make non-woven fabric. It is a cloth formed by binding the fibers ejected after melting the raw materials.

  Add a layer of non-woven fabric which is easy to generate static electricity between two layers of non-woven fabric with filtration function or one layer of waterproof non-woven fabric. The generated static electricity can absorb various micro particles and improve the filtration ability. Such a three-layer material can filter at most 95% of particles with the size of 0.3 μ M.

  Polymer melt pump melt blowing electrostatic technology is not to make three layers of material superposition separately when the above three materials are formed. But on the basis of one layer of filtering non-woven fabric, the non-woven fabric is made thick by two different materials, and finally a non-woven fabric with electrostatic layer is formed.

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