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Two methods and measures of damping effect of melt gear pump

  When the melt gear pump is used, because of the operation relationship of various machine parts, it is easy to vibrate. The vibration phenomenon will have a certain impact on the use of the melt gear pump, so it is necessary to do a good job in vibration reduction to ensure the normal use of the melt gear pump. Zhengzhou melt gear pump manufacturers will tell you specifically, two commonly used vibration reduction methods.

  The vibration reduction of melt gear pump can be divided into two aspects, one is active vibration reduction, the other is passive vibration reduction. The method of active vibration reduction is to improve the basic structure or operation state of the melt gear pump, so as to control the energy generated by the vibration source to the maximum extent and achieve the purpose of vibration reduction. Passive vibration reduction is to reduce the intensity of vibration source or block the way of vibration propagation, so as to achieve the purpose of vibration reduction. In the actual production and operation process, the effect of these two vibration reduction measures is good, especially the active vibration reduction. The measures taken are relatively sufficient, so the effect achieved is also good.

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