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Non-stop screen changer for XPS extruded board

XPS extruded board is also called extruded polystyrene insulation board. The non-stop screen changer for extruded board developed by Zhengzhou Batte is not only novel in structure, unique in technology, but also made of high-quality alloy steel with special The processing technology and ultra-high-precision processing methods make the performance of the screen changer reach the international leading level.

The non-stop screen changer for extruded board is a self-locking multi-station structure and has an automatic positioning and guiding system. It is equipped with a new filter preheating in advance and an automatic draining mechanism for the old filter to achieve a specific rate when changing the screen. Super voltage stabilization and material temperature balance-no shutdown, no air leakage, no material leakage, no fluctuation, no noise, melting weight reduction, cracking elimination and no influence on normal production (the size of the board remains unchanged). There are anti-corrosion screen changers for the production of B1 and B2 grade extruded boards. Recommended non-stop screen changer: double-column double-station hydraulic screen changer, double-column four-station hydraulic screen changer.

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