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Application of melt gear pump in polymer reaction process

Introduction of melt gear pump for polymer reaction process

Melt gear pump is used in polymer process of various resin, chemical fiber, rubber and other industries; It can also be used in various petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, food and other industrial processes to transport materials with certain viscosity and free of particulate impurities. It can also be used to transport hot melt adhesive, asphalt, paint, adhesive, pharmaceutical, food, grease, fuel, oil, dye, coating, lubricant, polyol and other materials without particulate impurities.

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Characteristics of reactor kettle melt gear pump

1. It can be applied to various working conditions from low temperature (- 50 ℃) to high temperature (350 ℃).
2. The product has good self-priming performance and can be applied to the working condition with vacuum (FV) at the inlet (- 0.05 ~ -0.09mpa).
3. Different series of products are provided for different pressures and working conditions, and the outlet pressure range is 0 ~ 40MPa.
4. The product has a wide applicable viscosity range: (0.1MPa · s ~ 40000 PA · s), especially suitable for conveying high viscosity melt.
5. Full jacket heating is adopted, which is suitable for liquid phase or vapor phase heat medium heating.
6. The pressure and flow pulsation is small, which can realize the near linear output of flow and is easy to control.
7. Precise structure, high precision and long service life.

polymer melt gear pump

Installation of reactor melt transfer pump

The reactor kettle melt transfer pump is generally installed at the bottom of the reactor and driven by motor + reducer + universal coupling. The reactor melt gear pump is a positive displacement forced transfer pump. The pump output flow can be adjusted by adjusting the pump speed. It is recommended to adopt frequency conversion speed regulation mode to realize the near linear flow output of the gear pump.

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