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Application and Construction of Melt Gear Pumps for Thermoplastics

The plastics industry is one of the economic engines. Whether it's food packaging or parts for the automotive industry, plastics are everywhere today. The new formulation increases the material's capacity and expands the field of application. The growing diversity of materials and manufacturing processes is placing new demands on component suppliers. In almost all polymer production processes, gear pumps are used to move the polymer through the plant and transport it to the various process stages. Viscous melts place very special demands on the pump. Large capacity, powerful and robust pumps are used to transport polymer melts due to viscosity and process parameters. The melt gear pump for thermoplastics is mainly used to process thermoplastic polymer melts with relatively low viscosity. It is widely used at home and abroad and can be used in the extrusion molding of most plastic products. Especially in the fields of precision extrusion molding of TPE or TPU, polyamide or polyester, biaxially oriented film, non-woven fabric, coating, wire and cable, multi-layer composite film, chemical fiber, etc., the melt gear pump for thermoplastics has been widely used. Applications.

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The thermoplastics melt pump mainly adopts the sliding bearing structure of self-lubricating polymer melt, which is a significant structural feature of the melt gear pump for thermoplastics, and is also the main structural form in the melt pump extrusion. A complete gear pump unit includes motor, reducer, coupling, control part and pump body. The pump body part consists of the main pump body, front and rear side covers, gear shafts, sliding bearings and sealed bearings. There is a temperature control jacket inside the pump body, which is used to precisely control the temperature inside the gear pump. Most of the thermoplastic melt gear pumps use "D" type sliding bearings, because the sliding bearings have simple structure, easy installation, low operating noise, good impact resistance, and thermoplastics themselves are good lubricants, which can form a good The dynamic lubricating film can withstand relatively high loads on the gear shaft.

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