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What is the application condition of high pressure resistant series melt gear pump?

The high-pressure resistant series melt gear pump (H Series) provided by Zhengzhou Bart adopts long-life and heavy-duty gear design, which can meet the stringent requirements of high torque polymer extrusion applications. Whether it is used for high viscosity materials or molds with high input pressure requirements, H-series melt gear pumps can well meet the production requirements of their working conditions. The H series melt gear pump has the function of pressure construction and can provide accurate linear output, which effectively reduces the load of the extruder, reduces the energy consumption of the extruder and extends the service life of the parts, while providing stable die pressure and uniform product specifications. Suitable for engineering plastics, film blowing and other processes.

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Features of H series high temperature and high pressure melt pump:

1. It can be applied to high temperature (510 ℃), high pressure (70MPa) and high viscosity (20000pa • s); 2. The optimized design of the inlet and outlet can avoid the dead angle in the flow channel, reduce the material residue and improve the product quality. 3. Improved gear parameter design can withstand pressure and greater pressure difference. 4. Adopt special materials, high temperature resistance and long service life. 5. Adopt mechanical seal. 6. Suitable installation methods can be provided according to different site conditions of customers, which is more flexible and practical.

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Features of Zhengzhou Bart high pressure resistant H series melt gear pump: the gear is made of long-life fully hardened tool steel; Non square gear profiles can handle higher torque applications; No dead angle runner design, no material residue; The pressure difference can reach 50MPa; The displacement is from 0.1cc to 12000cc. Zhengzhou Bart provides a complete set of melt conveying, metering and pressurization solutions such as melt pump, drive device and control system.

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