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Application of plastic pelletizer melt pump

Plastic pelletizer melt pump is a widely used in plastics, rubber, chemical fiber and other polymer materials processing industry equipment, its main role is in the high temperature, high pressure conditions, the plastic raw materials for uniform melting, pumping and metering to ensure process stability and product quality in the production process. In this paper, we will introduce the working principle of plastic granulation melt pump, features and its application.

plastic pelletizer melt pump
plastic pelletizer melt pump

First, the working principle of the plastic granulation melt pump

Plastic granulation melt pump is mainly composed of pump body, front and rear end caps, bearing housing, drive shaft, skeleton sealing ring and so on. The working principle is to use the motor to drive the drive shaft, drive the rotor in the pump body rotates at high speed, so as to melt the plastic raw materials and pumped to the extruder. In the pumping process, the melt pump on the melt for continuous compression and shear, so that the temperature and pressure of the melt continues to rise, and ultimately the formation of high-quality melt column.

plastic granulation melt pump
plastic granulation melt pump

Second, the characteristics of plastic pelletizer melt pump

1. High-pressure transmission: plastic pelletizing melt pump can be in the high temperature, high pressure conditions and stable transmission of the melt, effectively avoiding product quality problems caused by pressure fluctuations or interruptions.

2. melt metering: the melt pump can accurately measure the melt, thus ensuring the production quality and yield of the product.

3. energy efficient: melt pumps have high volumetric efficiency, which can significantly reduce energy consumption and improve production efficiency.

4. Easy maintenance: the structure of the melt pump is simple, easy to operate, low maintenance costs.

5. strong adaptability: melt pump can adapt to different kinds of plastic raw materials and processing technology, has a strong adaptability.

melt gear pump for plastic extrusion
melt gear pump for plastic extrusion 

Third, the application of plastic pelletizing melt pumps

1. film production: in film production, the melt pump can be uniformly transported to the extruder of plastic raw materials to ensure the thickness and uniformity of the film, improve product transparency and strength.

2. pipe production: in pipe production, the melt pump can pump the plastic raw material into the hopper of the extruder to ensure the quality and strength of the pipe.

3. Sheet production: In sheet production, melt pumps melt and pump plastic raw materials into the extruder's die head to produce sheets with uniform thickness and strong texture.

4. Profile production: In profile production, melt pumps deliver plastic material to the die heads of the extruder, ensuring that the profile is of the required size and shape.

5. Wire drawing: In wire drawing, melt pumps convey plastic raw materials to the various die heads of the extruder, thus producing high quality wire.

polymer melt gear pump
polymer melt gear pump

In short, plastic pelletizing melt pump as an important polymer material processing equipment, in the film, pipe, sheet, profile and wire drawing and other products are widely used in the production. It not only improves the quality and yield of products, but also reduces energy consumption and maintenance costs, making an important contribution to the development of polymer materials processing industry.


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