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The role and classification of plastic extruder screen changer

Plastic extruder screen changer is a manual or automatic switching device including one or more screens, used in the plasticization of polymer melt flow filter screen to filter out foreign particles and impurities, is used in conjunction with the extruder, applicable to the screw diameter of 35mm to 300mm extruder. Plastic extruder screen changer is used in plastic, rubber, chemical fiber and ceramic materials extrusion line, used for melt filtration. Screen changers for extruders range from low-cost manual screen changers to highly sophisticated automatic screen changers for non-stop pressure stabilization.

plastic extruder screen changer

Plastic extruder screen changers are categorized as follows: single-plate duplex quick screen changer, double-plate duplex quick screen changer, single-column duplex screen changer, double-column duplex screen changer, manual screen changer, double-column backwash screen changer, and mesh belt type automatic screen changer. Different types of screen changers are applied to meet different applications and process requirements. Manual or low-speed screen changers require the line to be stopped briefly for screen changing, while hydraulic screen changers and some special structure screen changers can be realized without stopping to change the screen or reduce the extrusion speed to change the screen.


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