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Application and characteristics of rubber melt gear pump

Rubber melt gear pumps have a wide range of applications in the rubber industry, mainly used in the production process of rubber, especially in the extrusion and transportation of rubber melt. They are usually installed between the extruder outlet and the mold head, and used as melt metering pumps. In addition, it can also be applied to the extrusion molding of plastic, resin, rubber products, such as granulation, film, pipe, sheet, and other industries, playing a role in boosting, stabilizing, and metering.

Structural features: The rubber melt gear pump has a built-in cooling channel, which makes temperature control more precise and fast. In addition, it also has a specially designed lubrication channel, which is very suitable for rubber and elastomer materials. The flow channel design has been optimized to reduce dead corners and improve conveying efficiency.

Material and process: The rubber melt gear pump adopts wear-resistant bearings, which improve the load capacity and thus increase the pressure difference during transportation. It also applies shaft end cooling technology to enhance process safety. Meanwhile, the application of dynamic lubrication improves impurity tolerance and ensures normal operating time.

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Performance advantage: The rubber melt gear pump can stably boost and transport high viscosity materials, such as rubber. It optimizes the gear design to achieve low shear stress of the melt under high pressure while conveying and pressurizing. Even under high discharge pressure, rubber melt can be transported at a constant and precise flow rate. In addition, the pump reduces internal friction, resulting in unparalleled high efficiency and long lifespan.

Specification parameters of rubber melt gear pump: Mooney viscosity: ≤ 120; Working temperature: ≤ 130 ℃; Cleaning temperature: ≤ 350 ℃; Outlet pressure: ≤ 50MPa; Shaft seal: spiral outer row; Heating system: Heat medium heating; Cooling system: shaft end cooling system; Specifications: 50CC -2500CC.

The company is familiar with the extrusion processes of various plastic and rubber materials, and has extensive experience in the application of melt pumps in extrusion systems. It can provide various types of melt gear pumps for extrusion systems such as sheets, plates, pipes, films, wire drawing, underwater cutting, masterbatch extrusion granulation, rubber preforming, etc., which are widely used in various polymer polymer materials.


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