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What is the function of melt pump in extruder?

The melt gear pump mainly consists of a variable frequency motor, a safety coupling, a gear reducer, a cross universal shaft coupling, a gear pump body, a reducer lubrication system, etc. The pump body of the melt pump consists of upper and lower gear rotors, sliding bearings, sealing sleeves, gear pump housing, etc. The gear rotor adopts a straight/helical tooth structure, with the upper and lower gears rotating in opposite directions without meshing. The material is continuously sucked in from the input end and discharged under high pressure from the output end. The extruder fills the gears on the suction side and the rotating gears discharge the polymer from the other side. This is the melt pump, whose main purpose is to precisely control the output of the melt. The pump body bearing is self-lubricated by molten material, and the lubricated material returns to the inlet side of the pump.

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Melt pump function

1. Boosting and stabilizing: The melt pump can generate a certain amount of pressure, maintain the pressure stability of the molten material during transportation, and prevent material fluctuations or backflow phenomena.

2. Efficient conveying: The material is conveyed through gear meshing, which has high conveying efficiency. Due to its good sealing, it can prevent material leakage and external impurities from entering, ensuring the purity and quality of the material.

3. Strong adaptability: The melt pump can adapt to various high temperature, high pressure, and corrosive molten materials, and has a wide range of applications. Its structure is compact, easy to operate, and convenient for users to use and maintain.

4. Adjustable: The adjustment mechanism of the melt pump can adjust the flow and pressure according to actual needs, making the conveying process more flexible and controllable.

5. Long lifespan: The main structure of the melt pump is made of high-quality materials, which have good corrosion resistance and wear resistance, ensuring its long service life.

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Characteristics of Melt Pump

1. Minimal pressure and flow pulsation can achieve linear output of flow, suitable for precision extrusion systems; Adopting different structures and material configurations for different working conditions can better meet the personalized needs of users.

2. The surface of the gear needs to be nitrided. Gear strength is the key to the design of melt gear pumps, and the rotor material is generally forged with alloy steel as a whole. The surface of the teeth is nitrided, with high strength, strong wear and corrosion resistance.

3. Precision control. Due to the use of variable frequency motor drive, thermal oil heating and cooling, the melt pump can precisely control pressure, speed, flow rate, and temperature, and output stable polymer melt state.


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