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Internal structure and characteristics of extruder melt pump

The extruder melt pump is mainly used for pressurization and stable flow transportation of extruders or medium high viscosity polymers. The main heating method is electric heating. Suitable for processes such as PS, PP, PET, PVC, PC, PMMA, PA, ABS, PE-LLD, etc.

The structure of the extruder melt pump includes: main pump body, front cover plate, rear cover plate, 2 pairs of D-type shaft sleeves, driving shaft, driven shaft, and sealing components. The shaft seal forms for melt pumps are divided into spiral seal, packing seal, and mechanical seal. The heating method is electric heating rod heating.

extruder melt pump

Features of extruder melt pump:

1. Optimized melt flow channel design: eliminates dead corners within the channel, reduces polymer residue, and improves product quality;

2. Improved gear parameter design: more precise displacement design, making output pressure more stable and suitable for precision extrusion conditions;

3. Widely applicable viscosity range: using different sealing methods, it can be applied to working conditions from low viscosity to extremely high viscosity;

4. Multiple installation methods: meet the personalized needs of users (A-type horizontal installation, B-type downward installation, C-type upward installation, D-type side installation);

5. High precision manufacturing and excellent heat treatment: more precise and durable.

plastic extruder tubes melt pump

Extruder melt pump parameters:

Melt viscosity: ≤ 40000 Pa. s

Melt temperature: ≤ 400 ℃ (750 ℉)

Melt pump cleaning temperature: ≤ 450 ℃ (850 ℉)

Melt pump outlet pressure: ≤ 40MPa (6000psi)

Specification/flow range: 0.5CC -12000CC


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