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Installation and use of gear metering pump for hot melt glue machine

1. The pump packaging should be carefully opened and carefully inspected. If there is any damage or missing parts, please contact our company immediately. The hot melt glue gear pump is made of high-temperature alloy steel material, and all components have undergone heat treatment with high hardness, so the material is brittle and belongs to precision equipment. Any impact or fall can cause serious damage, and it is recommended to install with a lifting ring.

2. Please accurately determine the inlet and outlet of the pump during installation. When installed correctly, the pump shaft rotates clockwise. When installing the motor, reducer, universal coupling, and pump, the pump must be fixed on the base to ensure the concentricity between the pump seat and the motor drive shaft. There must be no jamming during rotation, otherwise it will cause gear jamming, and in severe cases, the drive shaft may break.

hot melt glue pump

3. The pump body of the hot melt adhesive gear pump has pressure sensor holes and temperature sensor holes on the surface of the pump. If the sensors are installed correctly, there will be measurement data deviation. High strength bolts are used at the connection of the pump body to ensure safe operation of the pump body.

4. When starting the hot melt glue pump, it should run at low speed. After the pump runs stably, it can gradually be adjusted to normal speed and pressure. If the pump rotates unevenly, the pump must be stopped to check the cause, in order to avoid serious internal damage to the pump. If using packing seal, frequently adjust the position of the sealing cover to ensure that the sealing state is always in a better state.


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