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Plastic extrusion process of melt pump

Plastics extrusion molding generally divided into two stages: solid plastic melt and continuous cooling, finalize the design. Article introduces the dry and wet plastic extrusion process and two single screw extruder, twin-screw extruder application. Describe the polymer extrusion technology of multilayer co-extrusion hollow container of extrusion technology, extrusion technology application in sensor, microns layer of nano/extrusion technology and gas of extrusion molding auxiliary.
melt pump extrusion

Extrusion molding equipment(melt pump extender) is usually composed of extruder, extrusion die (machine head) and cooling type, traction, cutting and other auxiliary equipment. At present, the commonly used in industry is the screw extruder, which can be divided into single screw extruder, double screw extruder and multi-screw extruder according to the number of screw. The ordinary single screw extruder is the most used type of extruder, but its mixing effect is poor and it is not suitable for processing powder. Single screw extruder except general extruder, there are exhaust extruder and mixer type extruder. The exhaust type extruder is suitable for processing materials with large absorbent or volatile components, which can discharge moisture and volatiles in the process of processing, and get good quality products. The mixing extruder has a strong dispersion and mixing effect, which can simplify the process before extrusion, and finish mixing and extruding products at one time. Twin screw extruder feeding stability, large amount of extrusion, mixing effect is good, can be directly processed hard PVC powder, making it the products, can also be used to mix material, thus expanding the scope of its application, and single screw extruder has covered all the usage trend.

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