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Plastic extrusion pump production line advantages

The plastic extrusion pump has the following advantages in the production line:
1. can achieve stable extrusion, improve the size accuracy of the extrusion products, reduce the scrap rate. In the extrusion process, the material feeding quantity is not uniform, the fluctuation of the cylinder and the head temperature, the pulsation of the screw speed and so on.. Using melt gear pump can eliminate feeding system feeding error can be greatly reduced volatility of upstream technology transfer and quickly enter the stable working state, the higher extrusion product size accuracy, reduce scrap rate.
2. have linear extrusion characteristics, easy to coordinate the work of the upstream and downstream equipment. Leakage due to the gear pump flow is less, pump power and speed of basic into a linear relationship, after the change of the gear pump speed, the flow can know exactly, as can be determined, the downstream equipment and gear pump synchronous speed, by using the pressure gear pump inlet and the outlet of the acquisition, temperature and other information, to achieve the extrusion process of on-line monitoring and feedback control.
3. increase output, reduce energy consumption, realize low temperature extrusion, prolong the life of the machine. Due to the extrusion of polymer melt pump is installed, the extrusion machine decompression function to complete the transfer to the gear pump, extruder can work under low pressure and temperature, leakage flow greatly reduced yield. The gear pump is more effective than the extruder to establish the pressure of the die, and can reduce the back pressure of the extruder, so that the axial force of the screw can be reduced, and the service life of the extruder can be prolonged.

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