batte melt pump

What are the highlights of the new melt gear pump

1. The two gears of the new melt gear pump rotate in the same direction, and the relative sliding speed of the teeth is lower in the meshing process. Because the meshing of teeth and teeth is the contact mode, and the number of meshing teeth is large at the same time (which is the advantage of the new type of melt gear drive), the unit area load of each gear is small, and the wear of the tooth surface is small, which improves the working life of the gear.

2. Conventional melt gear pump will cause cavitation phenomenon because of the high viscous resistance of feed liquid, resulting in insufficient suction, and the material will be detained in the feed channel. The two feeding chambers of the new melt gear pump can inhale the feed liquid at the same time, which enhances the ability of the melt gear pump to absorb the feed liquid itself (that is, the new melt gear pump has certain automatic feeding ability - the ability of the feed liquid to be automatically inhaled by the negative pressure of the feed cavity), reduces the occurrence of retention and cavitation, and is especially conducive to the transportation of high-viscosity melt.

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