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Precautions for daily use of melt pressure sensor of high-temperature melt pump?

The melt pressure sensor is the standard configuration of the high temperature melt pump, which is located at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump respectively. It is used to measure the melt pressure at the inlet and outlet of the melt pump to ensure that the subsequent melt can be stably fed under high pressure. For the matters that we need to pay attention to during the use of the melt pressure sensor, the manufacturer of Zhengzhou Batte melt pump will elaborate from the following two aspects.

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In the extrusion production process, for plastic raw materials, there should be sufficient "soak time" from solid to molten state. If the melt pump has not reached the operating temperature before production, the melt pressure sensor and the melt pump will be damaged to some extent. In addition, if the melt pressure sensor is removed from the cold high-temperature melt pump, the material may adhere to the top of the melt pressure sensor, causing damage to the vibration film. Therefore, before removing the melt pressure sensor, it should be confirmed that the temperature of the melt pump is high enough and the material inside the melt is in a softened state.

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Even if the overload design of the pressure measuring range of the sensor can reach 50% (the ratio exceeding the larger range), the risk should be avoided as far as possible from the perspective of equipment operation safety, and the melt pressure sensor with the measured pressure within the range should be selected. In general, the better range of the selected melt pressure sensor should be 1.5 times of the measured pressure, so that even if the melt pump operates under high pressure, the melt pressure sensor can be protected from damage. The range of the melt pressure sensor provided by Zhengzhou Batte is 0-35Mpa, which can meet the production needs of most users.

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