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The steady voltage measurement of high temperature melt pump

Extrusion with high temperature melt pump in series at the end of screw extruder has a very good pressure stabilization effect, which is not affected by various fluctuating factors caused by upstream equipment at the inlet of the pump, which is determined by the working principle of the high temperature melt pump itself.

When the high temperature melt pump works, the outlet of the pump appears such as The gear in the pump acts as a piston in a cylinder barrel to extrude the melt in the discharge zone in order to realize the boosting function of the pump when the resistance of the filter screen, filter plate or a forming die is produced. At the same time, the gear in the pump is equivalent to a rotating barrier, which can effectively block the influence of pressure fluctuation and flow fluctuation in the feed area on the discharge area. In addition, the material flow resistance in the clearance is larger, the leakage flow is small, and the leakage flow caused by the change of pressure difference has little effect on the pump delivery. Because the high temperature melt pump itself is driven by an independent motor, the possibility of pressure fluctuation is reduced again.

Therefore, the high temperature melt pump can effectively block the pressure fluctuation and flow fluctuation of the upstream equipment. When the inlet pressure of the pump varies in a large range due to the fluctuation of various factors, the fluctuation of the outlet pressure of the pump can be controlled in a very small range.

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