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Polymer melt pumps are widely used in extrusion processing

Polymer melt pumps are used in a wide range of applications in the extrusion processing industry, including pelletizing, sheet extrusion, film extrusion, pipe extrusion, blown film, extrusion coating, profile extrusion, and continuous blow molding. In addition, they are suitable for processing virtually all thermoplastic resins, thermoplastic elastomers and other polymers.

polymer extrusion melt pump

It is worth mentioning that the output of the polymer melt pump is linearly related to the gear speed, and by controlling the speed of the melt pump the melt discharge can be precisely controlled, so it can also be used as a very reliable dosing device. In addition, melt pumps can be used to transport highly viscous melts in polymerization processes or as booster or metering pumps in melt spinning processes.

melt pump for extrusion processing

The application of polymer melt pumps can greatly improve the efficiency and precision of extrusion molding, as reflected in the following aspects: first, as a metering device, you can accurately measure the flow of the melt; second, as a booster device, you can effectively increase the pressure of the machine head; third, it can reduce the temperature of the melt; fourth, it can increase the output of the extruder; and, finally, it can reduce the wear and tear of the extruder. Therefore, polymer melt pump is a very valuable processing equipment, which can bring great economic benefits and technical progress to the processing industry.


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