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Melt Pump System For Extrusion Process

Melt Pump System comes with all the above components as per the process plant's requirement.Extrusion Gear Pump. The reliable extrusion gear pump for standard applications or customized for difficult processes.

Melt Pump System consists of:

Barrel and Die Side Fange Adapters with heaters and fasteners

Reduction gear box (standard)

Electric motor with AC drive

Electric panel with AC drive for synchronizing system

Pressure Transducers or Transmitters

Fabricated main base frame

Universal joint with coupling assembly
Plastic melt pump

Melt pumps are positive displacement gear pumps born and bred specifically for high temperature polymer melt duty.we offer complete rebuilding and replacement parts for extrusion melt pump and metering pump repair from companies.If a gear pump is used, the extruder screw does not need to generate high pressure as the gear pump can provide the required die pressure.

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