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What are the benifits of melt pump on extruder?
Melt pump on extruder is generally installed between the outlet of extruder and the head of extruder, and it can be also installed in pipeline for delivering high viscosity pure material.
What are the benifits of melt pump on extruder?
Melt Pump On Extruder Advantages:
1, to improve the stability of the product size
2,melting quality control
3, increase output
4, reduce the raw materil consumption
5, improve the flexible of the melt pump extrusion
6, protect the extrusion die ,extend the service life of the extruder
Melt Pump On Extruder Application:
Gear pump on ectruder is applied in PA,PB,PC,PVC, PE,PS,HIPS,ABS, PP,PET,PVA etc. Polymer materials , and also used for high pressure melt pump for extrusion line to deliver rubber, asphalt, paint, adhesives, dye, coating, lubricants, polyol etc. high viscosity material without particulate impurity.

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