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Volumetric gear pumps
Volumetric gear pumps meter polymer through a set of intermeshing gears. These gear pumps extrusion are used in the extrusion process to maintain a consistent pressure and throughput.  volumetric gear pumps as a component of the extrusion equipment can often increase output. volumetric gear pumps with repeatable polymer flow rate, while eliminating extruder surge, precisely metering polymer. 

Volumetric gear pumps
Volumetric Gear Pumps Function:
1.Keep the flow and pressure of the plastic melt flow to the die at a continuous and constant level. 
2.Increase the quality of the extruded material.
3.Reduce scrap, and control surge . Melt pumps are typically used in sheet, profile, and compounding applications.
With a volumetric gear pumps in your extruder, the output of the extruder can usually be increased. The results of older extruders are thus also highly improved.

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