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Gear pump preformer
Gear Pump Preformer will provide you with continuous production capability for your preforming. Gear Pump Preformer is a fully automated and highly advanced screw extruder with integral gear pump to provide high levels of control and processing flexibility for the continuous preforming or extrusion of almost any form of rubber compound. 
Gear Pump Preformer

Gear Pump Preformer Characteristics:
1. Excellent for long production runs
2. Fully automated which reduces user dependence and increases productivity
3. Automated and highly advanced screw extruder with integral gear pump
Extrusion gear pump for polymer stability, product consistency, accuracy and superior quality.  Gear Pump Preformerwill also reduce your machine set-up time and negate the need to pre-heat rubber on a two-roll mill, which is the preferred solution for batch production preforming.

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