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Recycled PET Extrusion Pump

Recycled PET extrusion pump is made of high temperature alloy steel.The recycled PET extrusion pump compensates for flow changes during screen cleaning and changing to provide uniform flow to the die.
Recycled PET Extrusion Pump
Recycled PET Extrusion Pump Features:
1.A head pressure variation of 1% is roughly equivalent to an extruder output variation of 1-3% depending on the rheological behavior of the PET melt.
2.Melt pump for pet extrusion for the PS.PET.PVC.PC.PA.PMMA.LDPE.LLDPE. etc.
One Whole Set Of BATTE Recycled PET Extrusion Pump System Comprise :
2. Driven System: Motor + Reducer
3. Control System: PLC Touchscreen System
4.Applicable materials.
At the requirement of user, Batte will send technician to install and commissioning the die at site of Buyers, expenses of the trip should be borne by Buyers.

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