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Melt Pump For Pet Extrusion

Melt pump for pet extrusion increase the extrudion output--reducing the screw pressure,meanwhile the back-pressure of extruder can be adjusted,reducing the melt residence time in screw cylinder,stabilizing the plasticizing process ans reducing the melting temperature,improving the product quality and quantity.

Melt Pump For Pet Extrusion
Characteristics Of Melt Pump For Pet Extrusion:
1.Extrusion pressure at the outlet die part will not change specific output quantity.
2.The screw can extrude the products with high efficiency.
3.belong to positive displacement gear pump extrusion.
 Features Of Melt Pump For Pet Extrusion:
Melt pumps extrusion ,adopt a pair of external gearing cylindrical gears(straight gear,helical gear,herringbone gear)with relative turning to deliver high viscosity fluid. All gears and fitting surfaces are accurate grinded,and obtain precision flow by controlling the assembling clearance strictly.

 Melt Pump For Pet Extrusion Series:
Gear and pump body varies to different materials.Can fall into the folling categories:ZB-B series,ZB-C series,ZB-H series,ZB-E series.

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