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batte xps foam bord die

xps foam bord die

Special hanger structure XPS foam board die.

In the die lip can be continuous unobstructed flow surface, with a small interval of the push-pull adjustment screw up and down the resin pressure metal to play a role in the flexible bending lip can be adjusted to die gap, die lip hot oil circulation Control temperature, mold water cooling device system.

The surface of all hard chrome plated, fasteners using 12.9 high strength bolts, high quality, durable stainless steel heating rods partition heating control.

Foaming uniform, stable production, simple structure, easy to disassemble and clean.

Production of 20mm-120mm thick xps sheet products.

xps foam bord die application: xps with the major extrusion equipment

XPS foam board mold: mold using a special fish-tail structure, die lip, die lip hot oil circulation temperature control. Products produced foam uniform, high strength, good dimensional stability and weatherability, moisture-proof, non-absorbent. Applicable: XPS, mold width 250-650mm. Product width 600-1200mm, thickness 20-130mm.

Batte company since its inception production increased by 150% annually, we have been working with most of the domestic and overseas manufacturers have extensive experience in the extrusion machinery, production Lu has been exported to the United States, Russia, Turkey, Vietnam, Europe, the Middle East more than a dozen countries and regions, and with the establishment of a long-term, friendly and stable relations of cooperation;

We specialize in producing plastic extrusion sheet mold, sheet die, cast film mold, lamination head and its matching screen changer, distributor, melt metering pump and other products;

The company has the advanced level of production equipment and product testing equipment, and summed up a unique set of experience, the company developed high precision molds, long life, short cycle, the price is reasonable, courteous service, praised by domestic and foreign customers.

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