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Single screw pump and melt pump combination, improve extrusion machine performance

Single screw pump and melt pump combination, improve extrusion machine performance

Zhengzhou Batte believes that the appropriate combination of single screw and melt pump  extrusion, to fully improve the performance of extrusion molding host, providing a new way and space for development. It can be said that single screw - melt pump series extrusion system (or unit), is a high performance extruder equipment. Compared with the conventional single screw extruder, it has many advantages such as melt mixing ability, extrusion plasticization quality, output, flow uniformity, exhaust extrusion stability, wide adaptability and good operation performance, Have obvious advantages. It should be noted that, in the use of SP unit extrusion heat sensitive, shear sensitive or high wear packing products, to be matching the performance of the melt pump.

With the rapid economic development in China and increasingly fierce competition among plastics processing enterprises both at home and abroad, producers will evaluate the quality and dimensional accuracy of the extruded products. The high productivity, low consumption, versatility and extensive adaptation of the extrusion processing equipment Sex put forward higher requirements. The application of melt pump extrusion technology, try to extrusion equipment like melt pump in the production of single screw - melt pump series extrusion system, it is an effective way to meet this requirement. At the same time, users can also get significant economic benefits in time.

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