batte melt pump

The control system and accessories of the melt pump

The gear pump is installed between the extruder and the machine head, so that the fluctuation caused by the extrusion direction can be isolated from the machine head and downstream equipment. No matter whether the pressure fluctuates at the entrance of the gear pump, as long as the material entering the gear pump can fully fill the slot, the gear pump can deliver the material to the head with stable pressure and flow, and ensure that the head is not squeezed out undulation, thus improving the stability and precision of the whole extrusion system. At the same time, because the gear pump is a kind of supercharging equipment, it can transfer the supercharging function of the extruder measurement section to the gear pump to complete, thus avoiding the disadvantages of large power consumption, large shear force, intense friction, long retention time and easy degradation of the extruder when working under the high pressure of the extruder, and make the extrusion productivity. The wear of the extruder is reduced. In addition, the use of melt pump can also increase the controllability of the system, reduce material temperature, reduce energy consumption and achieve linear output.

A few years after the extruder, the internal screw and barrel will produce a lot of wear and tear, resulting in a large gap, the amount of return of the melt will increase, and the output will be reduced because of this effect. The use of melt gear pump will reduce the consumption of return flow and energy, which means that the extruder production per unit time can be maximally increased.

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