batte melt pump

The use of melt pump can increase the flexibility of extrusion system

The melt pump separates the extruder from the downstream molding equipment and makes it an independent unit without any influence on each other (to a certain extent). In the application of the extruder system, the melt pump has the functions of pressurization, stabilization and metering.

In the practical application of the extrusion system, even if the extruder "bridges" the material, the addition of reclaimed material or the error of the operator results in the fluctuation of the melt pressure; as long as the pressure range required by the inlet of the melt pump (to ensure that there is no "starvation" state), stable melt flow can be obtained at the outlet of the melt pump. (voltage regulation). Therefore, there is no need to establish a very complex closed-loop control system between the die and the extruder; the adjustment of melt pressure can be achieved by changing the rotational speed of the melt pump, and the processing of various materials and products can be completed without changing the geometric parameters of the system.

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