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Melt pump melt blown nanofibers

  In order to spin nanofibers, the spinneret hole of melt pump is much smaller than that of common melt spraying equipment. When NTI can be as small as 0.0635mm (63.5mm) or 0.0025in, the spinneret plate of module structure can be combined into a total width of more than 3m. The diameter of melt blown fiber is about 500 nm. The diameter of the thinnest single fiber can reach 200 nm.

  Because the blowhole of melt blown equipment for spinning nanofibers is small, if no measures are taken, the output will be greatly reduced. Therefore, NTI adopts to increase the number of blowholes, and each spinneret has three or more rows of blowholes. By combining many unit components (depending on the width), the output can be greatly increased during spinning. The actual situation is that when 63.5 micron holes are used, the number of holes per meter of spinneret in a single row is 2880. If three rows are used, the number of holes per meter of spinneret can reach 8640, so the output can be equivalent to that of spinning ordinary melt blown fiber.

  Because the thin spinneret with high density holes is expensive and easy to break (heat cracking under high pressure), each company has developed new bonding technology to enhance the fastness of the spinneret so as not to leak under high pressure.

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