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How to mark, package and store the metering pump

  1. The manufacturer's mark, pump model, pump working direction and factory number shall be engraved on the pump body and pump plate surface.

  2. The rust prevention of the external surface of the metering pump shall be in accordance with FZ 90001. The test oil shall be left in the metering pump for internal rust prevention. The inlet and outlet holes of the pump and the cover holes of the shaft head shall be closed.

  3. For the transportation and packaging of the metering pump, wooden boxes or boxes of other materials shall be used, and the pump shall be firmly placed in the box without loosening. Only pumps of the same model are allowed to be installed in each box, and moisture-proof measures shall be taken in the box.

  4. The user shall store the metering pump in the warehouse with moisture-proof, moisture-proof, corrosion-proof and ventilation conditions. The modified metering pump products provided by Zhengzhou Bart metering pump manufacturer shall be inspected by the quality inspection department according to all technical requirements of this standard before leaving the factory, and the qualified products shall be issued with product quality certificates one by one.

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