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Closed-loop control design of polyester melt booster pump

The slicing and direct spinning of polyester melt share a melt transfer pump to transport the melt. However, for direct spinning, the flow and pressure of the polyester melt are difficult to control and cannot meet the process requirements. Therefore, a melt booster pump needs to be added before the spinning equipment to control the pressure of the direct spinning polyester melt.

melt pump control flow chart

The hot melt pump adopts closed-loop automatic control (as shown in the figure above), and takes the outlet pressure of the chemical melt pump as the controlled quantity. During the adjustment process, the actual measured value of the controlled quantity is compared with the given value to obtain The deviation value is obtained, and then the frequency set value of the inverter is calculated according to the PID formula, so as to control the output power frequency of the inverter, adjust the motor speed, and make the outlet pressure of the melt booster pump reach the given value.

polyester melt gear pump

Polymer melt pump products can be used in various processes of polymer industrial production, including resin, chemical fiber, rubber and other industries. A polymer melt with a viscosity of 40,000 Pa·s. The company provides different series of gear melt pump products to meet the requirements of different production processes; the gear melt pump products provided have the characteristics of precise structure, high precision, small pressure flow pulsation and long service life. At the same time, it provides whole-process services such as consultation, design, surveying and mapping, maintenance, transformation, and spare parts of melt booster pumps to meet user requirements.

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