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What are the advantages of rubber and EPDM elastomer extrusion melt gear pump?

Rubber is a kind of polymer material with high elasticity. It is elastic at room temperature, and can produce large deformation under the action of a small external force. It can recover after removing the external force. Rubber products are widely used in industry or all aspects of life. Elastomers can be divided into thermosetting elastomers and thermoplastic elastomers. There are many elastomer materials and their applications are very wide.

rubber melt pump

Rubber extrusion melt gear pump is a kind of melt gear pump for rubber and elastomer extrusion system. Suitable for extruding and conveying rubber and elastomer melt; It is generally installed between the outlet of the extruder and the die head as the melt metering pump; The pump housing of the rubber extrusion melt gear pump has a built-in flow passage, which can be used for cooling or heating the heat medium. What are the advantages of Zhengzhou Batte's rubber extrusion melt gear pump?

rubber melt gear pump

1. The gear pump for rubber extrusion melt has very small pressure and flow pulsation, which can realize the linear output of flow, and is suitable for precision extrusion systems;

2. Different structures and material configurations are adopted for different working conditions to better meet the personalized needs of users;

3. It can be applied to the working conditions of high temperature (350 ℃), high pressure (40MPa) and high viscosity (40000Pa • s);

4. Precise structure, high precision and long service life.

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Universal coupling is recommended to connect reducer and melt pump for rubber extrusion melt gear pump to eliminate the influence of thermal deformation; The melt gear pump is a positive displacement forced delivery pump. The output flow of the pump can be adjusted by adjusting the speed of the pump. The frequency conversion speed regulation mode is recommended to achieve the near linear flow output of the gear pump. Our company's special melt pump for rubber and elastomer has an optional dosage of 5cc/r~8000cc/r. Zhengzhou Batte Co., Ltd. is a professional supplier of melt gear pumps, which can provide complete solutions such as melt pumps, drives, screen changers, die heads, etc.

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