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Application areas, flow ranges, operating speeds of melt pumps

Melt pumps extrusion provide accurate, consistent and reliable fluid metering for virtually all polymers used in the plastics industry, including: chemical polyesters, polypropylene, nylon, acrylic fibres, cellulose, spandex and many speciality fibres. Materials processed by chemical melt pumps include: polypropylene|hot melt adhesives|fluoropolymers|polysulfone|polyester|cellulose PC|PUR|PEEK|HIPS|ABS |LLDPE|PS |PA|PVA|PVB|TPES |HDPE|PB|PET|SAN|PIB and others.

melt pump extrusion

Hot melt pump flow range: 0.1CC, 0.5CC, 1CC, 2CC, 5CC, 10CC, 20CC, 31.5CC, 50CC, 100CC, 150CC, 200CC, 315CC, 500CC, 800CC, 1200CC, 2500CC, 3200CC, 4000CC, 6100CC, 8500CC, 12000CC 8500CC, 12000CC (ml/rev).

chemical melt pump

Working speed of the melt pump: the speed range for transferring high temperature melt is 10-100 rpm, depending on the actual working conditions of the production process.


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