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Precautions during the testing process of the melt pump

1. Heating: The temperature rise of the extrusion melt pump should not exceed 100 degrees per hour. Namely, assuming the current pump body temperature is 0 degrees and the target temperature is 200 degrees, please slowly raise the temperature to 100 degrees for 1 hour, and then slowly raise the temperature to 200 degrees for another 1 hour. This results in an hourly temperature rise of 100 degrees. (Due to the heat treatment of all components of the pump, excessive rapid heating can easily lead to annealing of the pump material, which greatly damages the quality of the pump.)

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2. The difference between the pump inlet temperature and the pump body temperature should be less than 25 degrees, that is: | pump inlet temperature - pump body temperature | ≤ 25.

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3. When starting the polymer melt pump, the initial speed of the pump should be 5 to 8 RPM, and it can only slowly accelerate to the normal operating speed when the outlet pressure of the pump reaches 10 Bar. (When the pump is initially started, there is no material in the pump body. If the speed is too high at this time, it can easily cause abnormal noise or cause abnormal wear of the pump. The speed should be increased after the material fills the pump body and the pressure is successfully established.)


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