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What are the characteristics of spiral seals in melt transfer pumps?

The lifespan of the seal is the key to measuring the operating cycle of the melt transfer pump. Ensuring the long-term operation of the chemical melt pump is of great significance for the stability of polyester production. Filler seals are widely used in high viscosity melt conveying gear pumps due to their simple structure, low price, and good reliability. However, due to the different sealing structures and usage situations designed by different manufacturers, the effectiveness and service life of packing seals vary greatly.

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In recent years, Chinese manufacturers of high viscosity melt conveying gear pumps have widely adopted a combination of spiral sealing and packing sealing in their products, with excellent performance. Spiral seal is a non-contact fluid dynamic seal that relies on the pumping effect of helical grooves on the surface of the shaft or/and the shell on viscous liquid to pressure out viscous fluid and prevent leakage of the sealed medium. It mainly includes three structural types: screw type, screw sleeve type, and labyrinth type.

The main characteristics of spiral seals are no wear during operation and long service life; Can be used for sealing dusty fluid media, especially those with harsh conditions such as abrasive particles; Proper design of the seal can achieve zero leakage. Manufacturers often use screw sleeve structures in high viscosity melt pump extrusion. When the high viscosity melt conveying pump is working, it relies on the screw sleeve to achieve the sealing function, and when parking, it relies on the packing seal for sealing.


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