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Batte Machinery - pump type and control system

  Batte Machinery - pump type and control system

  Standard pump:

  The use of foreign general melt pump material, the overall hardening technology, high wear resistant tool steel material, can be applied to most of the plastic extrusion.

  Enhanced pump:

  Compared with standard pump, and strengthen the standard pump design parameters, such as high torque requirements of New Zealand, the requirements of low shear, high corrosion requirements (fluorine-containing products), high gloss, high transparency requirements of the product out, to pump self-lubricating system, import and export flow channel optimized design. Pump with the overall hardening technology, CPM series powder metallurgy of steel more corrosion resistant pump materials, more suitable for extrusion PC, PMMA and other transparent products and PVC heat-sensitive materials.

  Pulsation type:

  Improved gear and tooth cavity design, the pressure fluctuation is equivalent to 1/4 of standard products, reached 0.15 percent, to maximize the advantages of precision extrusion melt pump terms. With the overall hardening technology, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance of the pump materials.

  High temperature and high pressure type:

  Highest 70MPA, use conditions 510 ℃, to meet the high-pressure blown film extrusion or special engineering plastics. With the overall hardening technology, high wear resistance, corrosion resistance of titanium, tantalum alloy, Hastelloy alloy casing material.


  Nitrided steel casing material, using surface nitriding other domestic pump plant production processes that save production costs while still meeting the requirements and budgets of low cost is not high customer production needs.

  S60 Control System:

  Bart melt pump control system is the company's own development, there are two to four closed-loop pressure control, pressure has upper and lower newspaper engine, 20-30 separate temperature controlled zone, flow control, automatic start and stop, touch-screen interface continuous monitoring of process values, performance monitoring and troubleshooting, adapt to a more complex extrusion and composite systems.

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