batte melt pump

Batte Melt pump for extrusion can transport a maximum temper

  Batte Melt pump for extrusion as a safe, reliable, professional HTM pump, can be used to transport a maximum temperature of 450 ℃ heat medium quality. According to different needs, the choice of forced water cooling structure type. This series of products use modular plan, parts standardization, interchangeability, convenient repairing and storage of spare parts, the pump flow components of the hydraulic model to optimize the selection of energy-efficient.

  Batte Melt pump for extrusion is air-cooled on the basis of an improved resistance to higher temperatures of the pump, the pump advanced technology, high efficiency, long in the hot state can secure a job without leakage, water cooling system, the use of safe and reliable and other features, in our heat carrier heating system has been widely used, has entered into various industrial fields of petroleum, chemical, rubber, plastics, pharmaceuticals, textile, printing and dyeing, roads, food, etc., do not pump is mainly used for transport containing solid particles of the weak decay of the high-temperature fluid, use a temperature of 500 ℃, it is an ambition of the circulation pump. The pump is widely used in high-temperature stereotypes paper lunch boxes, tires and renewable dynamically vulcanized rubber machinery, flat vulcanizing rubber, drying, feed drying, dyeing and printing, chemicals, plywood production, waterproofing membrane production, asphalt heating, noodle drying operations .

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