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Zhengzhou Batte teach you use the melt pump extrusion

  Zhengzhou Batte teach you "how to use the melt pump extrusion?"

  Melt pump extrusion with steel material, is the ideal high-viscosity liquids transportation equipment. Asphalt pump / melt pump extrusion frequency of demanding action, the structure should be optimized direct drive type melt pump extrusion, the power exchange preferred. Park-Pump melt pump extrusion for conveying fuel oil, lubricating oil, hydraulic oil, crude oil, asphalt.

  melt pump extrusion is motor-driven, that is, cut off its power does not exceed safety of motor power, and it is against the closed gate start, right start melt pump extrusion can greatly extend the life of the pump have to start the program as follows:

  1. perfusion melt pump extrusion, open the inlet valve, close the drain port. The pump is ready to run.

  2. Open the bearing cooling water supply valves at suitable locations.

  3. If the melt pump extrusion is not kept under normal operating temperature, it will have to open the input hydrothermal heating pump valves. After the warm pump shut-off valve.

  4. If the pitch against heat pump should be completely cut off running conditions, the valve should open the loop line.

  5. If the seal chamber liquid-cooled, open the cooling water supply valve.

  6. If the pump was saturated, then open the sealing liquid supply valve.

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