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Cause fever melt pump extrusion machine running

  machine causes fever melt pump extrusion runs as follows:

  ① cause the rotation of the reasons for poor melt pump extrusion melt pump extrusion can cause fever.

  ② oil viscosity is too high or too low. Workaround - Re-election of oil.

  ③ side panels, sleeve and the gear face serious friction. Workaround - repair or replacement.

  ④ ambient temperature is high, small fuel tank capacity, poor heat dissipation, heat will cause the pump. Workaround - should be treated separately.

  melt pump extrusion run the following reasons for poor rotation as follows:

  1. concentricity poor coupling with the engine. Workaround - should ensure concentricity within 0.1mm.

  2. The internal parts are not demagnetization. Workaround - all parts before assembly shall demagnetization.

  3. The needle sets unqualified or needle breakage. Workaround - repair or replacement.

  4.melt pump extrusion working oil output port is blocked. Workaround - remove foreign bodies.

  5. The pump shaft is too small or radial gap to gap. Workaround - Re-adjusted repair.

  6.melt pump extrusion in the dirt. Workaround - disintegration to remove foreign matter.

  7. The assembly is incorrect. Workaround --melt pump extrusion two pin hole machining plane was not fitted plane, such as a pin into the first, and then tighten the screw, the pump will not turn. Workaround - side rotary gear pump side and tighten the screws, and finally with a diamond pin hole and into the pin.

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