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Development trend of melt pump extrusion

  Development trend of melt pump extrusion

  Development trend of melt pump extrusion: high pressure, low flow pulsation, low noise, large displacement, variable displacement.

  Higher pressure is required by the system, but also the melt extrusion and piston pumps, vane pumps competition must solve problems, melt pump high-pressure extrusion of work has made great progress, but by its own restrictions, in order to further improve the working pressure is very difficult, we must develop a new structure extrusion melt pump.

  Pulsating flow will cause pressure pulsations, causing the system to generate vibration and noise, which does not match with the hydraulic system requirements.

  About low noise abroad have long been "quiet", he said pump it, as people's awareness of environmental protection, to melt extrusion pump noise requirements have become more stringent, noise extrusion melt pump consists of two parts: one is mechanical noise arising gear meshing process, and the other part is trapped oil hydraulic noise impact generated by the precision of the former and related gear, which depends mainly on the pump unloading thoroughness in this regard The melt pump out because the ring has a smooth, non-oil phenomena, low noise characteristics, so in the future there will be greater development.

  Some of the requirements for a fast-moving system, the large displacement is necessary, but ordinary melt extrusion pump displacement is limited by a number of factors of progress in this regard balanced compound melt extrusion pump has obvious advantages, such as 1 Taiwan three idler composite extrusion melt pump displacement of the equivalent of six single-pump displacement.

  Extrusion melt pump displacement can not be adjusted. Limiting its scope, in order to change the extrusion melt pump displacement, domestic and foreign scholars have done a lot of research work, and made a lot of research is currently related to the melt a variable displacement pump out a lot of aspects of the patent had, but really very little into products.

  3. Summary

  The melt pump out large displacement in the same size, and low flow pulsation and pressure pulsation, low noise, it is extruded melt pump research widely attention, This article describes the study of hot melt extrusion pump, I guess its development trend.

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